Reindeer Food Poem & Recipe
One of my boys received reindeer food & this cute poem in kindergarten from his teacher.  I had never seen it before &
loved it.  I designed the below printables.  It's a nice Christmas Eve tradition.  Mix oatmeal with sprinkles, put in a little bag
& attach this poem.  Perfect for a large group/ class.  Two designs to choose from.  Black & white coloring page, 2 poems
per page or the color version, which is one poem per page.  Right click image to save.

The poem reads:  Here's what you do.  It isn't hard.  Just sprinkle this treat in your yard.  The oatmeal is for energy.  The
sparkles are for flight.  All of Santa's reindeer love this special snack.  Next year Santa and his reindeer surely will be
“I like smiling.
Smiling is my favorite."
Reindeer Food Poem Printable- to color- 2 per page
I found this image on
pinterest.  How perfect for
reindeer food!