From the kitchen of Stephanie Knewasser.  
This dough is super sticky, but I think it's worth
it.  It makes a soft chewy crust.  I use it to make
Broccoli Pizza, but I admit, I haven't made a
"normal" pizza with it yet.
In a bread machine:
2 1/4 c flour
sprinkle of salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1 c warm water (I microwave it for 1 min.)
3/4 tsp yeast
Put on pizza dough setting.
This makes a VERY sticky dough.
Using your hands, coat a bowl with oil.
With oiled hands, pull dough out of bread pan
into oiled bowl.  It will be a sticky mess.
Gently roll dough in bowl until completely
coated in oil.  It won't be as sticky, but it'll be
very soft.
Coat a pizza stone with cornmeal or pizza pan
with oil.
Dump dough (I literally turn the bowl upside
down & let it fall) onto the prepared surface.
Using your hand, flatten the dough out a bit.  
Gently work the dough outward.  I leave the
edge a little thicker than the center.

Cover with toppings & bake.
I have not made a "normal" pizza with this yet.
I use it to make Broccoli Pizza which bakes at
425 for 20 minutes.  A traditional pizza won't
take this long.  I'd bake a traditional pizza at
450.  It's done when the cheese turns golden.
"Be strong.  You never know who
you are inspiring."
Pizza Crust
The bulk of the dough
is in a ball, but some is
stuck to the pan.
With oiled hands,
emptied into an oiled
bowl. Still sticky.
The empty bread pan
still has dough stuck to
Roll the dough to
completely coat it in
oil.  Will be very soft.
I cover a pizza stone
with cornmeal.  Or you
could coat a pan with
oil to prevent sticking.
Plop the oiled dough in
the center.  Flatten.  
Gently work the dough
outward.  I leave the
edge thicker than the
The crust is light, soft & chewy.
Pizza Crust