When Grandpa fell asleep, the grandkids thought covering
him with turkeys would be funny.  Clay was brave enough
to actually do it, and pose for this picture.
The boys had fun making turkeys as they waited for
Thanksgiving dinner.
I made up this crafs back when my boys were in elementary school.  I was in charge of the craft for the Thanksgiving party at school.  I wanted something
different.  At the time, the no-sew-knot-together quilts were becoming popular. With that as my inspiration, I came up with this.  I've made these at a few
more parties since.  The kids really like them, but they require some skill.  I recommend second grade up for a large group. Young children can do it with
one on one help.
Start with a 12x9 piece of felt.
They're available at craft & fabric stores.

Fold it in half making a 6x9 rectangle.
Imagine a potato shape (black) centered on the
fold.  Cut wide fringes (orange) around that shape.

I made 13 cuts on mine (making 14 pairs of fringe).
Keep the felt folded in half.
Take the 1st pair of fringe & tie a single knot.

Repeat with the next pair (top & bottom) of
Fill a baggie with about 1/4 c dry beans.
Secure with twist tie or string.
This is the stuffing.   It's in a baggie to prevent
loose beans from falling out.

Place bag in turkey & continue knotting, sealing
bag of beans inside.
Use yellow/ orange felt for the beaks.  Just cut in
small squares.  The gobbler is red felt cut in oblong
rectangles, corners rounded. Attach beak, gobbler
& eyes on using tacky glue. The eyes do pose a
choking hazard risk if they should fall off . To take
care of that concern, sew the eyes on.  Buttons  
also make good eyes. You could also use fabric
markers or paint.
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful
lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not."