If you've never had a Frozen T-Shirt Contest, it's time.  Contestants try to be the first to put on a t-shirt.  A FROZEN t-shirt.  The difficulty of unfolding a frozen t-shirt is
challenging enough, but then having to slip the icy tee over your head... Oh I loved watching it!  I have no desire to do it myself, but oh I loved watching.

Purchase extra large t-shirts/ undershirts.  One at a time, saturate the t-shirts.  Wring out.  This is where you need to make a choice.  The more water you leave in the tee,
the harder it will be.  Like an ice cube with a tee in the middle.  Fold the wrung out t-shirt & slide into a freezer bag.  Seal.  Freeze.  Use the bag or the shirt will freeze to
the freezer.  Put one shirt per bag or the shirts will freeze to each other.  I froze them overnight.

Pass the frozen t-shirts out.  The first to get one on wins!  The kids had such a hard time, apparently I didn't wring them out well enough, that after 10 minutes of no/ little
progress, we let them dunk them in the pool.  
Age does make a difference.  The oldest was first to get one on & didn't need the pool to do it.  So keep the age of your
contestants in mind.

Alternative Method:  Put the t-shirts in a large vat of ice water.  Leave them in long enough to be icy cold.  There's no challenge of unfolding them this way, but it's still hard
to slip into a tee that's icy cold.  
"I believe in the magic of kindness."
The frozen tee's are handed out.
Lots of water + tee = block of ice with a
tee in the middle. Look at the tee on the
After 10 minutes of no/ little progress (I
should have wrung them out more) we
let them dunk the tee's in the pool.
Even after a dunk in the pool, it's still a
solid block.
They took to banging the t-shirts on
the sidewalk to loosen them up.
So what does a frozen t-shirt feel
Maybe they don't need to be extra
large tees... but this way any shirt
worked for any size player.
Sweet victory!
Sweet hard won victory!
Like this.  
I'm getting mine on!
Cold. Cold. Cold.
Let's do it again!