What's the purpose of a Neck Wrap Cooler?  To keep
you cool on a hot day.  They sell on
ebay & etsy or you
can sew one yourself.  I bought 2, for $5 each, on a hot
day here in Florida while watching my son play baseball
(an enterprising mom was selling them at the
concession).  They really work!  By the end of the day,
half the people at the tournament, players included,
were wearing them.
Fold the fabric in half, length wise, good
sides facing each other.  Pin.
Using a good strength thread, sew the
length of the fabric, forming a tube,
leaving about .5" from seam to edge.
Fill with 2 tsp polymer water absorbing
crystals/ beads.  Before making a
bunch of these, make one & test.  
Adjust amount of polymer to suit your
liking.  Sew other end shut.
Turn inside out.  I used a knitting
needle to help push the fabric through.
Iron, with the seam running down  the
Cut fabric into strips that measure 4.5"
The length varies.
For a Neck Wrap tube (no ties), I cut to
30 inches.
For a Neck Wrap with ties, I used the
selvage to selvage length of 42".  
Selvage is the nonfraying edge of the
Materials Needed:
  • Cotton Fabric, washed
  • Water Absorbing Polymer Crystals*
  • OR Water Absorbing Polymer Beads*

* Before this craft, I had never heard of
Polymer Water Absorbing Crystals/ Beads.  
They can be found at gardening centers.  I
bought mine on the internet.

What are Polymer W.A. Crystals/ Beads?
Their main purpose is for holding water in
link 1 to more info  link 2 to more info
link 3 to more info
 but they are also used in
crafts like flower/ candle arrangements, neck
smelly jelly.

Where do I buy W.A. Crystals/ Beads?
To find online sellers, search
water absorbing, crystals, beads
Some sellers I found:
Fraying edge
water absorbing polymer BEADS
Sew one end shut.
Single dry bead, dime, spoon of beads
To make a SCARF THAT TIES.....................................................................................
To make a TUBE NECK WRAP...........................................................................
Turn inside out.  I used a knitting
needle to help push the fabric through.
Iron, with the seam running down  the
Mark center of fabric.  Measure 10
inches to the right.  Mark.  Measure 10
inches to the left.  Mark.  Sew one
mark shut.  Add scant 2 tsp of polymer
water absorbing beads/ crystals.  Sew
other mark shut, sealing in beads.
The center 20 inches is now sewn shut
with beads/ crystals enclosed.  To
finish the tie ends, tuck fabric in
forming an angle.  Sew.  Repeat at
other end.
hydrated crystals, photo from www.stevespanglerscience.com
hydrated water beads
What's the difference between crystals &
beads?  Crystals look like shaved ice with
a jello- like consistency.  Beads are like
marbles made from soft contact lenses,
filled with water.  
Done!  Store in a dry place.  When ready to use, soak in cold water for 2-3 hours.   
Store in a baggy in the refrigerator.   Re-soak as needed.  HAND WASH ONLY.  Do
NOT freeze.  
"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is
blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken."
water absorbing polymer BEADS