From the kitchen of Stephanie Knewasser.  These have
the consistency of a fruit snack, but the flavor of Jell-o.
They have been a huge hit with the neighborhood kids.  
Whether out at the pool or playing basketball, they're easy
to grab & eat. Make cute shapes using chocolate candy
molds.  ENDLESS possibilities! Easy to customize for any
1 c water
6 oz pckg jello, any flavor
1/2 oz unflavored gelatin (2 envelopes knox)

Put water in a small pot over medium-low  heat.
Sprinkle jello & unflavored gelatin over water.
Using a whisk, stir making sure to break up small clumps.
Continue to cook & stir until it is all dissolved.

When it's completely dissolved, pour into candy making
molds, any shape.  No need to coat mold.
I used a medicine dropper to fill the small molds.  Worked
GREAT!  This is a fun part for young chefs.
Gently bang molds to get air bubbles out.
Let set on counter for 20 - 30 minutes to set.
[The smaller the snack, the quicker the set.]
Grab edge of fruit snack & pull out of the mold.
My young chef did this part himself & it looked like he was
stretching them into a new shape, but they snap right back.
Set on wax paper.  They will be sticky.  Leave out until they
aren't as tacky to the touch.  Store in a sealed container at
room temp.  

One recipe makes 1 cup fluid which makes
50 small snacks OR
4 large snacks (see bunny on a stick photo).

Once the pot cooled, we pinched a piece & pulled it right
off the non-stick surface (see photo).   Another good job
for young chef.  Very tasty.
Put medicine droppers in a cup of very hot water to melt
the solids.  
Raspberry Fruit Snacks
Raspberry Fruit Snacks
Pour into large molds.  For small molds, we used
a medicine dropper.  Lots of fun for young chefs.  
Once the pot is cooled, just peel leftovers out.  
Endless possibilities for customization.  There are
SO many candy molds out there, for every
holiday & occasion.
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