Alenca ?
Lyle A. Burcin
Stephen Barkwell
Florence Hutcheson

Ida A Hutcheson
Raymond Hutcheson
Stuart Hutcheson
Lucile Hutcheson
Anna Hutcheson
Helen Hutcheson
Orra B Hutcheson
"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."
Giuseppe DiCola
Grazia Tatone
Fiore DiPrato
Arcangela Carulli
Catherine Andros
Kenneth Gale

Arlene Andros
James Litts

Andrea Andros

Frank Andros
Margaret Kenyon
Eric Litts
Jeff Litts
Matthew Litts
Andrea Coppa
Cristina Equitani
John Merklinger
Mary ?
Matthew Burcin
The tree is here! Just scroll down or to the right to bring it into view. If we are related and your name isn't
here, I'd LOVE to add you! Please email me your information
I'm also on  Contact me if you would like me to send you an invitation to view it.
Jane Ann Patterson
David S Hutcheson

Mary I  Hutcheson
Alexand Hutcheson
James Hutcheson
Agnes Hutcheson

John S Hutcheson
Elizabeth Copp

Francis  M Copp
Alice M Copp
Lafayette Copp
Adeline R Copp
Carlton H Copp
William Copp
Maylor Copp
David W Hutcheson
Agnes Stuart

Gilbert Stuart
Beatrice Stuart
Euphemia Stuart
Jane Stuart
Jemima Stuart
Alexander Stuart
Margaret Stuart
Jake Gale
Max Gale
David Andros
Ed Andros
Matt Andros
Sarah Mae Barkwell   
Dae O Waltman
Eva M Barkwell
Reva Beard
Thelma Beard
Norma Beard
Clifford Beard
  • Names in orange are my parents,
    their parents, so on.  Names in blue
    are therefore siblings, their spouses,
  • When you look at a name, their
    parents names are to the left.  
    Children to the right.  Name above/
    below is a sibling if it is the same last
    name.  It is a spouse if it is
    immediately above/ below with a
    different last name.
  • Names in green signify that this
    "branch" is too big to fit in the main
    tree.  Look below the main tree for an
    inset with additional names.
  • Click on the persons name for more
  • Look at photos!
  • Please contact me if you have any
    information, photos, documentation,
    corrections, etc.
David S Hutcheson
Jane Ann Patterson
Fred F Hutcheson
Minnie ?
Mary Hutcheson
Margaret Hutcheson
David P Hutcheson
William Hutcheson
Robert Hutcheson
John Hutcheson
Charles Hutcheson
Alexander Hutcheson
Kate ?
Lois M Hutcheson
Rexford P Hutcheson
Robert W Hutcheson
Earl F Hutcheson
Allen Hutcheson
Above is the main family tree.  Sometimes I gather so much information, it won't fit in the main tree.
When this happens, the names are in green font.  Look here for the additional information.
Giovanni Battista
Putano Bisti
Sabatina Palla
Giuseppe Coppa
Giacinto Equitani
Giuseppe Strappafelci
Maddalena Ronca
Edward R Barkwell
Neva Mallor

Lometa Barkwell
Nicholas Donlick
Marie Lometa Donlick
Gary R Keenan

Nicholas Donlick
Reuben Copp
Jane Grey

Hanna Copp
John Copp
James Copp
Richard Copp
Louisa Copp
Luthania Copp
Lucy F Copp
Lorenzo Copp
Sarah R Copp
William Copp
Harrison Copp
Jonathan Copp
Sarah Clemons
Stephen Barkwell
Florence Hutcheson

Ida A Hutcheson
Willard W Leisenring

Raymond Hutcheson

Stuart Hutcheson

Lucile Hutcheson
Barney VanNess

Anna Hutcheson
Vernon Mase

Helen Hutcheson
Robert Smart

Orra B Hutcheson
Byron E Beach
Cora Leisenring
Raymond VanNess
Darrell Mase
Alva Mase
Iris Smart
Melinda Maczko
John Ray Ward

Diane Maczko
John Sullilvan II

Thomas Maczko

John Maczko
Cathryn Dow

Jerry Maczko
Cherie ?

Edward Maczko
Judith King
Jason Ward
Amanda Ward
Catherine Maczko
Matthew Maczko
Jack Maczko
Julia Maczko
Tommy Maczko
Ann Marie Sullivan
John Sullivan III
Timothy Maczko
Nikki ?

Terry Maczko
Mary ?

Betsy Maczko
Bruce Van Buskirk

Patty Maczko
Courtney Maczko
Sydney Maczko
Anastasia Maczko
Nicholas Maczko
Michael Maczko
Austin Spickerman
Thomas Brooks
Tryphena Cannon
John Brooks
Trefena Shenton
Daniel Bittle
Elizabeth ?
Samuel Copp
John Copp
Mary Copp
David Copp (1)
David Copp (2)

Ebenezer Copp
Deborah Spaulding
Joseph Spaulding
Katherine Copp
Obedience Copp
Mary Copp
Sarah Copp
David Copp
Samuel Copp
Amy Copp
John Copp
Sarah Copp

Jonathan Copp Jr
Sarah Hobart
Samuel Copp
Sarah Copp
David Copp Jr

Jonathan Copp Sr
Katherine Lay

Sarah Lay
Rebecca Lay
Elizabeth Lay
John Lay
Sarah Andrews
Joanna Copp
Ann Copp
Naomi Copp
Jonathan Copp

David Copp
Obedience Topliff

Jonathan Topliff
Sarah Topliff
Patience Topliff
Samuel Topliff
Robert Lay
Edward Lay

John Lay
1st Wife
Clement Topliff
Elizabeth Copp
Thomas Copp
John Copp
Mary Copp
Richard Copp
Walter Copp
Ursula Copp

William Copp
Judith Itchenor
Thomas Copp
Isabelle Gunne
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I'm changing from this tree to the lineage pages below.
More to come!
My mother, Ann Marie Putano, is a  
descendant of the following:
My father, Stephen Thomas Barkwell,
is a  descendant of the following:
  • Barkwell Family Lineage
  • Brooks Family Lineage
  • Copp Family Lineage
  • Hutcheson Family Lineage
  • Maczko Family Lineage
  • Merklinger Family Lineage
  • Stuart Family Lineage
  • Topliff Family Lineage
  • Lay Family Lineage