Chris Lohman
Breanna Trieste
Cole Trieste
Mark Knewasser
Mollie Knewasser
Marlene Handy
Michael Knewasser
Carrie Aldrich
Gary Aldrich
Ronald Rockefeller
Grace Stockman
Andy Stockman
Diane Lillie
Lansing Morris
Melvin Whipple
Nicole Berrenson
Ava Stockman
"Lucky parents who have fine children usually have lucky children who have fine parents."
Kelsie Lohman
Mason Lohman
Marion Knewasser
Howard Carpenter
Robert Ougheltree
Bela Sulger

Wilhelmina Knewasser
Clara Kniewasser

Gertrude Sutton
Carl W Knewasser
Ruth Agnes Eldred

Martin C Knewasser
Inez M Broughton

Amelia M Knewasser
Irving Marshall

Regina Knewasser
Leonard Goodale

Eula B Knewasser
William J Griffith

Elsie L Knewasser
Edward D Arnold

August Knewasser
Edmond Knewasser
Wichelm Knewasser

Fred J. Kniewasser
Emily Travis
Fred Lacey

Netti Lacey
Phineas Lacey
Florence Lacey

William Lacey
Olive Roberts

George  E Roberts
Mary Anne Kemp

Charlotte Roberts
Florence Roberts
Sadie Roberts
Etta Roberts

Harold Roberts
Gertrude M Niven
Harold Lacey
June C Baty
Frederick Bills
Ezra Bills
Adelia Barker  
Jacob Barker
Simeon Barker
Alice Barker
Stella Barker
Chancey Jr Barker
Ida Emily Barker
Mary Barker
William H Roberts
John O Roberts
Charlotte Knaggs

Benjamin Knaggs

Elizabeth Knaggs
James A Roberts
Heinrich Kniewasser
Marie E Beyer
Winona Arnold
Russell Criddle
Elaine Arnold
Ralph Harris
Yvonne Arnold
Faris Shokfom
Elsie R Griffith
Barbara A Griffith
Rosella F Griffith
Leonard W Griffith
Pauline ?
LaVonne F Griffith
Douglas E Nelson
LaVonne Goodale
Paul J Snell
Kenneth Goodale
Russell Marshall
Alice Arwine
Esther Tanner
Lillian Marshall
Hank Marshall
Chloa Perkins
Edward F Marshall
Mary Lou ?
Benjamin Barklow
Albert Knewasser
Emily M Stevens
Leslie Ball
David Knewasser
Jane Riddell
Katherine Gifford
Clifton Knewasser
Elva Barnum
Jehial Knewasser
Gladys Dawson
Alma Knewasser
Whitey ?
Erman Knewasser
Esther Macduffee
Mary ?
Maxine Knewasser
? Handschuh
Marie Knewasser
? Krieger
George H Lacey
Othelia R Downing
Lincoln L Downing
Kay M Downing
Stoughton S Downing
Mary Jane Searles
Charlotte  E Roberts
Henry Schultz

Joseph O Roberts
Dorothy Palmer

Lewis H Roberts
Esther Torrance

George K Roberts
Louise M Huttel
James Knaggs
Elizabeth Langford
William Roberts
Florence S Hawks
Joyce L Roberts
Jeanne M Roberts
Jacquelyn C Roberts
William J Lacey
Eliza Lacey
Philip Judd Lacey
Rufus H Lacey
Charles T Lacey
Alfred D Lacey
Sandford Lacey
John Henry Lacey

James M Lacey
Caroline Thomas
John T Lacey
Mary Kellogg
William Regge
Eva Steinhart
Virginia Lacey
Roger I Conner

Roger W Lacey

Lynette  A Lacey

Charles H Lacey

David Lacey

Jeannette Lacey
Stephen Little
Diane Schultz
Ronald Schultz
Linda Meyers
Margaret Roberts
Mary M Roberts
David Roberts
Joyce A Roberts
Nancy L Roberts
Under Construction. I'm changing to lineage pages. I'm also on Please contact me if you have
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  • Names in orange are my parents,
    their parents, so on.  Names in blue
    are therefore siblings, their spouses,
  • When you look at a name, their
    parents names are to the left.  
    Children to the right.  Name above/
    below is a sibling if it is the same last
    name.  It is a spouse if it is
    immediately above/ below with a
    different last name.
  • Names in green signify that this
    "branch" is too big to fit in the main
    tree.  Look below the main tree for an
    inset with additional names.
  • Click on the persons name for more
  • Please contact me if you have any
    information, photos, documentation,
    corrections, etc.
Violet Skye McLaren
  • Downing
  • Hover
  • Knaggs
  • Lacey
  • Lillie
  • Roberts
My mother, Joan Ruth Lillie, is a  
descendant of the following:
My father, Gary Clayton Knewasser, is
a  descendant of the following:
  • Cresson
  • Knewasser
  • Letz
  • Regge
  • Travis