We've used the pirate theme more than once. Kyle
wanted a pirate map cake for his family birthday
party.The ocean base is a 13x9 cake frosted blue.  
One corner was covered in grahm crumbs for
sand.  A dark frosting was used to make dashed
lines over the map ending in a X on the sandy
used a small bowl to bake the cake. Cover with
used a small bowl to bake the cake. Cover with
chocolate frosting. Cool whip smoke. The lava was
melted hard red candies (like Lifesavers) splashed
onto wax paper. When it cools; it's hard again.
Stick lava pieces in cake (nice 3d effect). The
pirate ship was made of Air Head candy (which
melted in the heat). A skewer holding paper masts
completed the ship.
Like before, we used the
bandanas, eye patches, tatoos &
had a treasure hunt. What we did
* Used the diving board for Walk
the Plank
* Used water balloons for Bombing
the Pirates
* Played Pop goes the Pirate (I
think that's what it's called. A game
that the kids had).
* Used large bumpy balloons for
sword fights. Even Great-Grandpa
Lillie got in on the action!
* Used small bags of bubble gum
as prizes, called them cannonballs.
"Patience. What you have when there are too many witnesses."
To make this look authentic, tear
the edges then crumple the
paper up.  Quickly dunk in a cup
of strong tea. Drag the wet tea
bag across the paper here &
there. Lay on paper towels or
cooling racks until dry.

If you do this, they will NOT lie flat
when dry.

Two years after this party, kids at
school still tell me how "cool" this
Playing Sink the
All the kids liked
They didn't keep
track of who was
They just liked
Bombs were
wadded up paper
covered with black
crepe paper.
There were 2 birthday cakes. One was a pirate
ship (bundt cake cut in half, turned sideways, on
top of a round cake frosted blue). Used skewers &
paper for masts.
The other cake was a
treasure chest. Rectangular
cake with chocolate frosting. Cover top with candy
neclaces, ring pops, gold covered chocolate
coins, any candy that looks like treasure. Cut a
piece of cardboard the same size as cake, frost
top, cover bottom with foil. Prop on top of cake
with skewers.

another pirate cake option.
Carrying homemade loot
bags, the kids followed
clues that led them to a
treasure chest full of
toys & candy.
This was my master plan for Clay's
friend party. The phases represent time
zones. Durring phase 1 the kids were
rotated among those activites. Then on
to phase 2, etc.  I was hoping it wouldn't
rain so all the activities could be
outside, but had a back up plan incase
we were stuck inside. Prizes/ treasures
were small items like balloons, tops,
stickers, candy, crazy straws, bouncy
I had other adults helping.
There's no way I could have done
this without them.