Apricot Cookies

Photo by Stephanie Knewasser

From the kitchen of AnnMarie Barkwell


1 c butter

8 oz cream cheese


2 c flour

1 tsp vanilla

Roll on a floured surface.

Roll thin.

Cut into squares.

Place a small amount of apricot filling (found with canned pie fillings at store) in the center of each square, pinch opposite corners together, then fold down.

Dab your finger in water & moisten dough where it overlaps to help seal it closed.

Bake @ 375, 12-18 minutes.

Cool completely.

Dust with confectioner sugar.


  • These are delicate little cookies. They crumble easily, yet freeze well. If freezing, don’t dust with sugar until brought to room temperature.
  • We also make these using raspberry & lekvar filling instead of apricot.
  • Use SOLO pastry filling, not jam or preserves. It’s sold next to pie fillings. Jam/ preserves will melt & leak out.