City Chicken- Joan’s

Photo by Stephanie Knewasser

From the kitchen of Joan Knewasser

Cut pork tenderloin & veal into big cubes.

Skewer the meat on fat wooden skewers.

Sprinkle each side with garlic salt.

Cover & refrigerate OVERNIGHT.

Next day:

Dip each skewer in milk.

Coat with Italian seasoned bread crumbs.

Dip in beaten egg(s).

Apply a 2nd coat of Italian seasoned bread crumbs.

Heat oil in a large pot.

When oil is hot, fry skewered meat until breading is browned.

Don’t crowd the pot.

Meat should be single layer with room to rotate/ move.

Place fried skewers in a baking dish, single layer.

Add enough chicken broth to keep meat from sticking (should at least coat bottom of dish).

Season with salt & pepper.

Bake covered @ 350, 1 hour

Bake uncovered until done, about 15 more minutes.


  • The name comes from the Depression years. In the country, people kept chickens and could have fried chicken when they wanted. In the city, chicken was hard to come by so they created their own from chunks of pork and veal which were much less expensive then. The skewers of pork and veal looked like a chicken leg when breaded.

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