Jell-O Fruit Snacks

Photo by Stephanie Knewasser

From the kitchen of Stephanie Knewasser

1 c water

6 oz pckg jell-o, any flavor

1/2 oz unflavored gelatin (2 envelopes knox)

Put water in a small pot over medium-low heat.

Sprinkle jell-o & unflavored gelatin over water.

Using a spoon, stir making sure to break up small clumps.

Continue to cook & stir until it is all dissolved.

When it’s completely dissolved, pour into candy making molds, any shape.

No need to coat mold.

I used a medicine dropper to fill the small molds. Worked GREAT!

This is a fun part for young chefs.

Let set on counter for 20 – 30 minutes to set. The smaller the snack, the quicker the set.

Grab edge of fruit snack & pull out of the mold.

My young chef did this part himself & it looked like he was stretching them into a new shape, but they snap right back. Set on wax paper. They will be sticky. Leave out until they aren’t as tacky to the touch.

Store in a sealed container at room temp.

One recipe makes 1 cup fluid which makes 50 little snacks.


These have the consistency of a fruit snack, but the flavor of Jell-o. They have been a huge hit with the neighborhood kids. Whether out at the pool or playing basketball, they’re easy to grab & eat. Make cute shapes using chocolate candy molds.

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