Taralli – AnnMarie’s

From the kitchen of AnnMarie Barkwell


1 c Crisco

1 c sugar


4 eggs, one at a time

2 Tbsp lemon extract

1 c milk

4 c flour

4 tsp b. powder

Combine well.


3/4 c – 1 c more flour

Roll small pieces on a floured board, then twist to shape.

Bake @ 350 , 10-12 minutes.

Longer for large cookies.

Check the bottom of the cookie to see how baked they are.

The tops stay white.

Frost with confectioner sugar & water icing.

Top with confetti sprinkles.

Cover baked cookies loosely with a sheet of wax paper. A sealed container will make them soggy.


  • We prefer these traditional Italian cookies with lemon, but vanilla and anise are also common. The easy way to make these is to drop them by spoonfuls to make round cookies. The traditional way to make these, which Stevie insists tastes better, is to twist them.
  • For Anise cookies use 1/2 tsp anise & 1 Tbsp vanilla instead of lemon extract. – Stephanie Knewasser
  • I make this into a cake. Instead of 2 Tbsp lemon extract, I use 1 Tbsp lemon extract and 1 Tbsp vanilla. I use 4 c flour (no additional flour). Spread into a greased & floured jelly roll pan. Bake @ 350, 12 minutes. Frost with confectioner sugar & lemon juice icing. Top with confetti sprinkles. – Kay Putano
  • At Easter I shape these into horses and dolls for the grandkids. – AnnMarie Barkwell

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