Photo by Freepik

From the kitchen of Stephanie Knewasser

In a stand mixer, with whisk attachment:

3 egg YOLKS

2/3 c sugar

Beat until pale & thick.


1 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp salt

Set aside.

In a stand mixer, with whisk attachment , in a clean bowl:

3 egg WHITES

Beat to soft peaks


1 Tbsp sugar

Beat to stiff peaks.

With a large spatula, fold the yolks and whites together.

Just a few folds, to marbleize.

Sift into mixture:

1 c flour

2 Tbsp cornstarch

Gently fold just until incorporated.

Chill 30 minutes to help prevent spreading.

Put batter in a piping bag.

Pipe onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment or a silicone mat. Generously sprinkle with confectioner sugar.

This helps prevent spreading.

Do not sprinkle second tray with confectioner sugar until just before it goes in oven.

Bake @ 375 until edges are golden, about 12 minutes

Bake one tray at a time or they won’t bake evenly.

Move to cooling rack.

Once cooled, seal in an airtight container.

If left out too long they will get soft.


  • I use these to make tiramisu.