Zazvorniky Cookies

Photo by Stephanie Knewasser

From the kitchen of Carla Wilson

Beat together until frothy:

8 egg YOLKS

4 egg WHITES


1/4 lb butter, melted

Mix together, then SLOWLY add:

1 lb powdered sugar (3 1/2 c)

2 Tbsp ginger

Mix for 10 minutes.


4 1/2 c flour

5 tsp baking powder

Mix for 5 minutes.

Form into a couple of dough balls.

Wrap in wax paper.

Refrigerate a couple hours.

Roll dough 1/2″ thick.

Use zazzy cookie cutter, or cutter of your choice.

Place on greased cookie sheets- about 5 sheets.

Let stay overnight.


Bake @ 400, 7 minutes


  • This is a traditional Slovakian ginger cookie (pronounced ZAHZ-vor-ni-kee) or Zazzy for short. The cookies set overnight (this helps them raise). They will DOUBLE in height while baking. The bottom half will be spongier than the top.
  • I was curious what would happen if I didn’t wait overnight. So I let the cookies rest 5 hours then baked. See photo. The cookies still had great flavor, but they didn’t poof as much, the texture was softer & the tops wrinkled. I actually prefer them this way, I like the softer texture, but follow the directions for a propper zazzy cookie. – Stephanie